Thursday, May 15, 2008

BLT goodness

One of our favorite meals to have together is BLT sandwiches with Pringles and pretzels. We love them because they're delicious and simple; Graham loves them because the name says it all, and I love them because they can be so versatile. Whenever we have BLTs I wish we'd registered for a panini press--I would probably be using it once a month on BLT night! I love to play around with them. Graham doesn't mind that I play because we usually build our own. You can always tell which sandwich is his and which is mine: his is very bare bones with just the B, L, and T. Meanwhile, mine usually has a dressing of some sort, as well as different combinations of bacon, lettuce, and tomato.

I get bored with BLTs sometimes because they can be SO standard. Many times you can get them at diners and restaurants and there's absolutely nothing special about them. So, because I get bored with them, I like to play with them and see what I can do to jazz them up. Below isn't really a recipe but a list of dressings and things that I like to do with them to make them different and more exciting.


Whole Wheat
Kaiser roll


**I also like to drizzle them with olive oil sprinkle them with salt, pepper, and/or oregano


Summer Crisp


Dijon mustard
Sun-dried tomato dressing
Chipotle dressing
Thousand Island dressing


We're bacon snobs. We love the thick cuts of bacon that are nice and huge and juicy. If we're in a hurry we'll go to the freezer section and pick up some Oscar Mayer or something, but I usually go to the butcher or Italian grocer and pick up something fresh.

Sorry for the lack of recipe tonight! Look for a stir fry recipe this weekend!

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