Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New York Strip on the grill...

...pan. One of our goals is to someday live somewhere that will allow us to have a grill on our balcony and a dog. Perhaps that will be a house of our own, but until then (or for as long as we live in our apartment) we're confined to the parameters of our little grill pan. I gotta tell ya, this thing is amazing! Everything I've made using the grill pan really tastes like it's fresh off the grill. You don't get the smokey, charcoal taste in the meat, but it's as close as you can get while living in an apartment. I have yet to be disappointed in my grill pan--it leaves those lovely grill marks and makes our kitchen smell fantastic! Tonight we did NY strip steaks, and they were sooooo good.

My dad is the grill king of the family. The man grills everything. Thanksgiving turkey? No problem! Christmas ham in the oven? Blasphemous! Potatoes from the....oven? I'm sorry, I'm not sure I understand the concept....

Well, you get the idea. :-) My dad loves to grill. I've spent many a summer night watching him grill and sear and curse over whatever it is on his trusty old Webber. I don't think he realized it, but I picked up a few things watching him, and with the dawn of the internet and countless websites devoted to baking and cooking, I've found that steaks on my grill pan are so simple.

I don't have any real "recipe" for a steak; consider it advice. The key to any steak, in my opinion, is that is has to be well-seasoned. Anyone can throw a hunk of meat on the coals and yank it off when it's good and brown, but if it isn't seasoned....meh. ::shrug::

I prefer McCormick's Montreal Grill Seasoning. It's got a great blend of spices and it smells spicy without being overpowering on the meat. Last time we did steaks, I used a lemon pepper seasoning, and that was far too spicy for our tastes. I prefer lemon pepper in other dishes, just not on steak. Tonight, I rubbed the grill seasoning on both sides of the steaks, then sprinkled a generous amount of Kosher salt on each side. If you haven't invested in Kosher salt, do it! It comes in a large box and can be pricy, but it will last you forever. I've noticed in the last few weeks that if I use Kosher salt over regular table salt that my meals taste a little fresher, and not as salty. Kosher salt grains are a little larger than regular table salt, but Kosher does a much better job of drawing out the moisture from meat, especially, so you can marinate or baste with the natural juices from your steak or pork or what have you.

As far as doneness goes, Graham prefers medium, I prefer medium-well. However, for large parties, a medium steak will satisfy most people. Tonight, I did medium-well for our steaks, but it was somewhere in between medium and medium-well. I grilled them for 5 minutes on each side on medium-high heat. Using my meat thermometer, I made sure they were somewhere between 140-150 degrees. For medium-well, make sure the temp is between 155 & 165.

Welp, that's all for now. The next few nights are busy I'm trying out a new side/appetizer for a work bridal shower tomorrow afternoon. I'll post the recipe tomorrow afternoonish.

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