Thursday, June 12, 2008

Review: Everyday with Rachael Ray

Everyday with Rachael Ray is a lifestyle magazine with a focus on food, dining, and entertaining. There are recipes, menus, grocery lists, tips from chefs and RR, party planning tips, & recommendations on places to eat and stay in various cities in the United States. In addition, there are "Everyday" suggestions--products, clothing, fads, and trends. The magazine truly strives to be an everyday lifestyle magazine with fingers on the pulse of what is popular and interesting to fans of Rachael Ray.

I liked this magazine okay, but I wasn't wild about it. I didn't really feel like there was anything that separated it from Ladies Home Journal. I really enjoyed the sections about food (and there are plenty!), but I didn't really care for the "EveryDay Faves" section. It's nice that EDWRR editors suggest clothing and household items for their readers, but sometimes the suggestions seemed out of place.

The magazine does seem to have a sense that the sole reason it exists is because of RR's popularity on Food Network. Recommendations for food and wine are peppered throughout the magazine in nearly every section, including the compare & contrast & rating feature on theme & amusement parks throughout the country.

Many of the recipes suggested in the magazine will most likely end up here. Because it was the summer/grilling issue, there were plenty of ideas for summer gatherings, bbqs, and weeknight grilling events. I actually really liked the grilling section. They profiled different grills and grilling styles and the best options for each. Though we can't have a grill on our balcony, I'm going to save this issue or rip out that section for when we can actually have a grill.

Something a few different people have mentioned to me is that they really like that EDWRR includes an insert that is a weekly menu planner and grocery list. The insert is interesting, and I like that it includes "everyday" items: 1 lemon, nuts, etc. If you're not much of a whiz in the kitchen, these suggestions can be helpful as you begin branching out and experimenting in the kitchen. However, if you're not capable of making yourself a grocery list, you need to start at the veeeeery beginning, hehe.

All in all, this was okay. I didn't love it, but I also didn't hate it completely. I'll make my final decision after I've received all my trial issues. I just picked up a back issue of Bon Appetit magazine, so I'll read that while I'm looking for the newest issue.

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