Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Steak n' potatoes

Graham's favorite meal is steak and potatoes. He'd eat it every night if he could. I try to do it once a month, but it can be expensive. Recently I found some cheap small steaks at the grocery store, so I decided to pick up a few packs to keep in the freezer. Since this week has been and probably will be a little crazy, I decided to make steak tonight because it would be quick and easy.

I normally wouldn't blog this, but I decided to post pictures of the Crash Hot Potatoes I've fallen in love with. They're so delicious. They're beginning to make a weekly appearance at our table! Oh..and have I mentioned my deep abiding love for my grill pan? It's one of my favorite kitchen accessories. Since we aren't allowed to grill on our balcony (my petunias are grateful for that), the best we can do is the grill pan. It does a great job, and I love hearing that sizzle coming from my kitchen.
Steak, potatoes, and a salad. Mmmm...gotta love those well-rounded meals!


  1. I love the hot crashed potatoes too!

  2. I've gotta say...I love the fact that you're using your servingware now. I did that for about the first year of my marriage, too. Now we just serve ourselves right out of the pots and pans!!! But, I'll have to try those potatoes - they look yummy!

    :o) Katie E.


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