Saturday, August 2, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things....

I use and abuse my cooking tools and never show them enough love. So for today, I thought I'd spend some time introducing you to a few of my favorites from the kitchen.

Here they are, all together:

First up is one of my cookie scoops. They look exactly alike except that this one is slightly smaller than the other. I love them because I can make perfectly round cookies with them! They're super easy to use, too, and I'm all about fun and easy!

Hmmm...that sounded funny. Oh well! ::shrug:: Next up is my meat tenderizer. I swear, nothing makes me feel better like pounding the heck out of a piece of meat.

Ahh...I feel better just thinking about it! :-) Next, we have my potato masher. It doesn't look like a conventional or traditional potato masher, but I love it just the same. It almost rices my potatoes, if that makes sense. They help me make my delicious mashed potatoes, and after all, isn't that what's most important?

Yes...mashed potatoes are most important. Clearly my priorities are in line.

Here's my jar opener. I'm an admitted weakling, so this little baby helps me open jars all on my own, without having to look to Hubby Dearest for help. He was worried at first that my having a jar opener would put him out of comission, but thankfully I'm short enough that I still need his Go-Go-Gadget arms to reach things on the top shelves in our kitchen cabinets. beloved Microplane! This puppy can shred the paint off the walls (I imagine)! I love it and I don't know how I ever lived without it. I felt like I was born the day I got it! Okay, that's a bit over dramatic, but if you have one of these you know what I'm saying. It can take the skin off a fruit in mere seconds. Shortly after using it for the first time, I declared after dinner, "I love my new Microplane! It took the zest off the lemon like it was nothing!" Hubby Dearest then glared at me from across the living room (having just done the dishes) and said, "You should see what it does to the sponge!"

Hmm...perhaps I should have warned him?

Up next is a delightful assortment of cookbooks. I won't go into great detail about each, but one is a church cookbook with all sorts of wonderful hand-me-down recipes, one I picked up for $1 at a bookstore closing sale and it's got some wonderful cookies for the holidays, one was a recent gift from my mother-in-law and it's so much fun to page through--it's my "bible", and the other was one of my first cookbooks and it's got some great tips and tricks for beginning cooks. Enjoy.

Next, two of my favorite pieces to use on the stove! My saute pan is glorious. I can't even say enough about it. It's big, so it holds everything. It has lovely high sides, so it can to sauces and soups if I need it to. It can go into the oven. It is, in fact, the love of my kitchen life.

Now, my tea kettle. It was the very first thing we ever registered for& Beyond, and the nice lady in the bridal office dropped us off right in the middle of the pots and pans. Graham's eyes glassed over a little, his face went a little pale, and he started to walk around the section completely confused and overwhelmed. He turned and saw the tea kettles and said, "Hey! You like tea! Pick a tea kettle!" poor hubby. He hates that story, but it's one of my favorite Hubby Dearest stories. Anyway, I picked this tea kettle because it's so kitschy and fun looking. I love the vintage style, and I love the way it gleams.

Okay, "gleams" might be a slight exaggeration, but...well, it's just so shiny! If you look closely, you can see me waving to the camera in the reflection.

Finally, I give to you an appliance that needs no introduction. Let's face it, you want one if you don't have one and if you have one you can't imagine parting from it. I'd probably give my right arm for it. This little beauty makes my life so impossibly easy and I find myself baking just to give me an excuse to use it. I give to baby:

Sigh.....Hello, Lover......

Well, there you have it. Have a lovely day, and give thanks to whatever it is you use often enough but don't properly thank!

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  1. Love all of the ideas, especially the cookbooks -- been needing some good ones. Thanks


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