Friday, November 14, 2008

Mom's Beef Stew

My mom has been making this for dinner for as long as I can remember. It was one of my favorite meals growing up. Shortly after we got married I had to practically beg her for the recipe, but this is the penultimate comfort food for me.

My mom has made some changes over the years, and since we got married I've made changes of my own. This is practically a blank slate, so you can easily make your own adjustments as needed.

Mom's Beef Stew

2 lbs. beef stew meat
4 carrots, halved and chopped
3 celery stalks, chopped
3 potatoes, cut into eighths
1 large onion, chunked
2 garlic cloves, smashed
2 envelopes herb gravy for beef
4 cups water or beef broth
4 cups beef stock
1 T. garlic powder
1 T. onion powder
1 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. pepper

Salt and pepper the beef. Brown the beef, drain off fat. In a large stock pot or dutch oven, mix water, beef stock, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, and gravy. Add beef & onion to pot. Cook for 1 hour to 90 minutes on medium heat, stirring occassionally.

Add potatoes & carrots to pot. Cook for 30 minutes, stirring occassionally.

After 30 minutes, add celery and cook for 30 more minutes, or until potatoes and carrots are fork tender. Serves 4-6.

  • For thicker consistency, add 2 T. flour to gravy before adding the beef, or 1 cup instant mashed potatoes.
  • Baby carrots work well if you don't feel like chopping them up. Two cups is usually enough, but adjust to your tastes.
  • My mom used to leave the skins on the potatoes, but I don't like the way they break apart in the stew.
  • Fresh rosemary and thyme would be fab in this, but I think it would taste too much like my pot roast.


  1. Mmmmmm.....looks & sounds yummy! I just may have to try this recipe, provided the gravy packets don't contain milk!


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