Friday, February 27, 2009

Salad, at the request of Graham

I have a husband who is incredibly supportive of my food blogging. He lets me take as many pictures of my food as I want/need to before we start eating dinner, even if sometimes he makes fun of me.

Every night he makes our salads. I could easily do it, but I'm usually late on dinner as it is, and he doesn't mind helping out. Tonight he asked why his hard work was never profiled on my blog, and after he made the pouty face, I had to oblige. Here's Graham's recipe for a simple green salad, but I wasn't allowed to "contaminate" it with "that dressing crap" before I took the picture. Instead, I took a picture of my salad with one of my favorite salad dressings.

(By Graham)

1 tomato
Some cheese

Trim off as much lettuce as needed for your salad. Rinse lettuce and shred into bowl.

Wash tomato. Slice with a serated knife. Drop tomato pieces into bowl.

Add desired amount of croutons.

Top with shredded cheese of choice (mozzarella for us).

Add nasty dressing if desired. Add other stuff (bacon, mixed greens, whatever) if desired.


  • I hope he knows how understanding I am.
  • I hope anyone reading this ignores the fact that we're losers.
  • He doesn't put dressing on his salad. I think it's weird.
  • I sure hope people keep reading after all this.


  1. LOL--just call him a "guest blogger."

  2. I love it! Please be sure to let Graham know that his salad looks amazing! :)


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