Thursday, February 26, 2009

Well, knock me down and call me stupid!

When I first began blogging I didn't understand this "award" business. I wasn't sure what they were exactly or how one got them, but I knew that more awards meant more readers. There are a few different badges that float around the foodie community, so I wasn't even sure if they were all different versions of the same award or what. (I'm not very bright.)

So imagine my surprise when I was scanning my sitemeter and I saw that The Lazy Housewife had linked my blog to hers. What's going on here? I scurried over to see who was talking smack about me and felt like a dummy when I saw that there wasn't any smack talking at all, but rather she was giving me the 'Lemonade/You Make My Day' award. Pretty cool, huh?

So now I get to pass along my good fortune and let five others know that they make me smile. I figure that anyone I follow knows I enjoy reading their blog, but because I like to spread the love I'm passing this on to....

Lauren of Lauren's Kitchen
Rachel of Thoughts from the Mind of MayDayGirl
Erica of Big Girl's Journey to 39 Mile Walkathon
Elizabeth of Elizabeth's Edible Experience
NP of The Coffee-Stained Writer

Thanks for always making me smile with your posts and comments!


  1. you're so sweet!! Thanks for the award!

  2. You're so silly. :)

    PS I like the new layout but it (I *think* the blue) kinda hurts my eyes, too.

  3. Thanks so much! You made my day!

  4. You know what? I'm on a different computer and now the blue is OK!


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