Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Baking success!

Ta da! Two Chocolate Amaretti Tortes, one Strawberry Tart, and an impromptu batch of cookies later...I'm still tired. I've easy done 5 or 6 loads of dishes in the last two days. Oy.

From what I could tell, the desserts were well-received by my coworkers. The tart disappeared early this morning, and I've had 2 requests for the recipe already. The cookies and torte were still around well into the afternoon, so I don't know if that means people were just feeling the strawberries today or what.

What I like about both desserts is that they're relatively simple but look impressive. If I had a last minute guest (with a day's notice, at least) I'd definitely whip up either dessert.

I'm excited about the success of each dessert and the new recipes I have in my arsenal. I'm also glad that I learned a new skill or two with these desserts. Oh, and please don't judge the messy countertops. I was sleep deprived and hurried this morning. Empty jam jar? Oh freakin' well.

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  1. Great minds think alike since I made both my strawberry cheesecake pudding torte and chocolate amaretti torte at the same time! Both look wonderful! :)


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