Tuesday, April 28, 2009

OMG...tired. So, so tired.

Operation Torte, Tart, and "I'd Better Make Cookies, Just In Case" is ovah!

I have been baking since....6:00 ish this evening. It is now 11:30. My feet are killing me and I'm certain I'm gonna have nightmares of 1/2 cups of sugar and tablespoons of milk tonight.

Two tarts, two tortes, and a batch of cookies later, I'm done. Shoot, if this is what it's like to host Thanksgiving, I'm not having it. No way, no how.

Now it's time to sleep and cuddle with my husband who went to Starbucks VOLUNTARILY to get me the cookies I needed after I effed up AND THEN went to the grocery store to get me the extra chocolate I needed. He seriously rules.

OMG...so tired.

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