Saturday, May 30, 2009

So I have this idea...

I love to read. I love to read and dream and explore, and I love to interact with my books. A good book is like nothing else. A good book forces you to explore a little further.

That's why I'm challenging myself this summer. In addition to my regular reciping and blogging, and reading, I'll be trying out recipes and creating foods that reflect the books I'm reading. I'll post an update on my little challenge including a book review and a little sumpthin' sumpthin' about the food I made.

Of course, any fellow bloggers are welcome to join me in this. A friend is making me a nifty little graphic once I get a name for my challenge, and the only requirements would be to read the books and make the recipe, and of course update your blog.

I'm already working on Book 1: I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, by Maya Angelou. It's a classic and one I've never read. Since the book takes place in the South, I'm going to be making Southern Fried Chicken upon my completion of the book. The recipe will be posted by June 20th.

Questions? Care to join me? Comment to my blog and I'll include a link back to yours and to any other particpant blogs.

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