Sunday, August 30, 2009

Menu for the Week: August 30th--September 5th, 2009

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand, we welcome September! I can't believe that the unofficial start of autumn has finally arrived. Autumn is my absolute favorite season of the whole year, and I can't wait to start making some of my favorite comfort foods! Last year I kicked off autumn's first unofficial week with some amazing foods, but it was way too hot for all the cooking I did, so I'm going to wait a few more weeks before I make some of my favorites again, just to be sure it's not 135 degrees in here with the oven on.

I started work again last week, so I once again have to retrain my body and my mind to save some of the more intensive meals for the weekends. I've also been "promoted" and I'm working Fridays for the first time since 2007, so my pot roasts, etc. have to wait for Saturdays and Sundays.

But for this week, because I'm still figuring out balancing work and home (again), the menu for the week is as follows:

Sunday: Leftovers
Monday: Lemon Thyme Chicken with roasted red potatoes & green beans
Tuesday: End of Summer Vegetable soup with a spicy sausage
Wednesday: Steak & potatoes
Thursday: Lemony Pork & Vegetables
Friday: Chicken & vegetables with crushed potatoes
Saturday: TBA?


  1. OMG - I love your new blog look! Looks like a great week of meals too!

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