Monday, January 18, 2010

Menu for the Week: January 17-23rd, 2010

First of all, thanks to all the lurkers who came out of hiding and said hello last week. I'm hoping you'll feel more inclined to comment now, even if you think something sucks. I can take it!

This week's menu is pretty empty, unfortunately. I'm going on a three day retreat with our 8th grade class starting Wednesday, and I'll be back Friday afternoon. I'm hoping to write a few blog entries tomorrow night and hopefully I'll be able to post-date them so something will be posting in my absence.

This week is a quick one, but that just means that next week I've got plenty of time to try out some new recipes in my arsenal!

Sunday: Pizza with my parents
Monday: Leftovers
Tuesday: Italian Shepard Pie w/salad
Wednesday: Retreat
Thursday: Still on retreat; Picky Husband's On His Own
Friday: Herbed Chicken & potatoes
Saturday: Winter Vegetable Soup & BLTs

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