Sunday, January 10, 2010

National De-lurking Week, eh?

Apparently, someone with plenty of readers but no comments came up with such a "holiday", and no, it wasn't me!

My site tracker tells me that way more than just my mom and friends read this thing. Please come out of hiding to say hello! I'd love to "meet" some of you. And if it makes you feel any better, you can ask me questions--the randomer, the better! I'm not shy.

To better introduce my random self to some of you, here are a few random facts about me, presented in no particular order:

1. I have so many cute pairs of socks, but I really can't stand wearing socks for any length of time. I'm always aware that my feet are hotter than normal. I'd rather be in flip flops.

2. Cooking bacon is pretty much my least favorite cooking activity, second only to dishwashing.

3. I can't sew or knit or crochet or darn a sock or even sew a button, but I make a mean chocolate cake!

4. It's been a longtime goal to learn how to ice skate (I used to dream of being Kristi Yamaguchi), and I'm hoping to take some lessons starting next month.

5. I'm a lifelong Chicagoan, and I love to travel and visit other places, but I don't ever want to leave the city and find another place to live.

6. I still have dreams about the parmesan shrimp I had at Kimo's in Maui. It was so, so delicious.

7. I love to sing. I find myself singing all the time, but I have terrible stage fright!

8. I can't wait to start some home renovating projects this spring. I'm counting down the days till March!

9. Grapes and pineapples are my favorite fruits.

10. I will stop whatever I am doing to watch a John Hughes movie.

11. The Chicago White Sox are by far the most amazing team in professional baseball today. It's okay to disagree with me....not every team can live up to such superiority. ;-)

12. I have a pretty good sense of humor, but I don't think anything is funnier than watching someone get hit in the head unexpectedly. Trust me.

13. We are planning a trip to Ireland for the spring of next year. Ireland 2011, here I come!

14. If I can convince Graham to go to London, Paris, or Rome while we're in Europe...why not?

15. My new favorite artist is Lady Gaga.

16. I want to be a librarian when I grow up!

17. Living Single is one of my favorite television shows. Vintage Latifa? Yes please!

18. I have never been to the Pacific Northwest, but I've traveled to every other region in the country.

19. Aside from Ireland, if I could get on a plane right now and fly anywhere in the world, I'd have a hard time choosing between India and Japan.

20. I can't start my day until I've had my coffee, brushed my teeth, and checked up on my favorite blogs.

21. In the spring, we're going to adopt a cat or two. Definitely one, but hubby is still on the fence about #2.

22. We will adopt a dog sometime in the near future. I'd hope for sooner, but we have to get a gate put up to completely fence in our yard, first. Graham doesn't want to adopt a dog if our yard isn't completely fenced in (and I agree). HOWEVER, I'm hoping that we can make it a reality sooner rather than later. Since we're new to the neighborhood, a dog would help us meet some of our neighbors--especially if we're going to be out walking it and exploring the area once all the snow melts.

23. I can't wait to throw our first party in our new home!

24. As soon as the Christmas holidays are over, I start looking forward to summer. Now that we have a backyard and a grill, I see margarita parties in my future.

25. I probably spend a little too much time with my Facebook farms. It's my secret shame. :-)


  1. Hi Angie,

    My name is Alicia and Jess Hajost recommended your blog to me- I'm her cousin! She actually just sent me the link last night but I love what I've seen so far. I also have a passion for cooking and just started my own blog where I'm going to be posting recipes and their results (as well as posts about my daily life). I posted the URL below... feel free to take a look! Nice to meet you!

  2. hello! just wanted to say hi. Love your blog!

  3. I refuse to cook bacon on the stove top. I now bake it. It takes longer, but so worth it. If you are needing the renderings (I always do) just drain them out of the pan. I foil cover the pan for easy clean up.

    I enjoy you blog, thanks!

  4. Hey there! I've been reading for awhile...but hardly ever comment because I can READ your blog via my google reader at work -- but I can't actually access blogspot. comments :(

  5. Hi I'm a lurker. I'm a former nestie and added you to my Google Reader then. I enjoy reading your blog but I'm lazy so I never click over to leave comments. Just wanted to put a um... face? to one of your lurkers.

  6. I'll bite =) I found your blog on the Nest, where I very occasionally post on the What's Cooking and Seattle boards. I mostly read via Google Reader, so I don't generally comment =P

  7. Hey, you! You know who I am - no need to introduce myself. I look for your blog daily. It's one of my few stress relievers of the day! Anywho, here are my comments re. your random facts:

    1. For the longest time (and I mean pretty much up until I got married), I always had to wear socks to bed. My feet were always too damn cold at night I couldn't sleep!; 2. Uh, I have no idea when the last time I made bacon; 3. Thanks to my many years in Girl Scouts & a semester in Home Ec in jr. high, I can cross-stitch & do some mending; 4. I took an ice skating class about 12 yrs ago at OPIA. Needless to say, I failed that class; 5. I used to live in Chicago & I like to go to the museums & shop downtown; 6. Wish I can have shrimp. But, since I'm knocked-up, fish is a big no-no on the list of foods I can't eat; 7. I also like to sing, but you will never catch me on American Idol; 8. When you're done renovating your home, do you want to come help me with mine?; 9, I like red grapes & pineapples; 10. I agree - John Hughes made some kick-ass movies!; 11. The White Sox is my fav Amer. League team. The Cards is my fav Nat. League; 12. It's always funnier when someone else is getting hit on the head and not you; 13. Have fun in Ireland!; 14. If Graham doesn't want to travel to those other countries, I know a certain cousin who would be more than willing to go with you!; 15. Can't say I've heard anything by Lady Gaga. My CD collection currently consists of Imagination Movers, VeggieTales & Mickey Mouse; 16. So do I! Too bad I'd have to go back to school to get a degree to become a librarian!; 17. Don't even know what channel Living Single is on; 18. I'd have to ask my dad what states we've actually been through. I lnow we've never been to the Pacific NW, though; 19. If I had to choose, I think I'd go to Japan; 20. I usually don't start my day until I shower, dress, brush my teeth, get the kids fed, change their diapers at least twice each & take care of Louie (ususally about noonish); 21. I like kitties, but I'm allergic to them; 22. I love my dog, but he's a PITA; 23. I can't wait to see your new home!; 24. Can you make virgin margaritas?; 25. I've given up on my FB farms. I spend waaaay tooooo much time on the computer as it is!

  8. I like when people unexpectedly get hit in the head, too. I mean, not so much that they are actually hurt, but a little wham-o to the noggin never hurt anyone much!


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