Friday, January 29, 2010

Red Wine Pot Roast

I love a good pot roast. I also love my crockpot. Thus, it makes sense to pair the two, no?

After I fell in love with the Pomegranite Roast Beef I made in November, I was anxious to make it again, or make something similar. So naturally, I returned to The Crock Pot Lady for help and inspiration. I found this, and how could I say no? This is simple enough to throw together and comes out sweet and tangy, with a little kick to it. Of course, you can eliminate the kick, but why?

Red Wine Pot Roast
(Adapted from The Crockpot Lady)

1 3-lb. chuck roast
1/3 c. flour
Salt and pepper
1 T. onion powder
1 onion, diced
3 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 c. wine
1 T. Worcestershire sauce
2 T. soy sauce
2 T. maple syrup
1/2 c. dried cranberries, plus more for serving

Mix together flour, salt, pepper, and onion powder. Lightly season beef with salt and pepper, and then dredge the beef in the flour mixture until it's completely coated.

Toss onion and garlic into the crockpot.

In a small bowl, mix together wine, Worcestershire, soy sauce, and maple syrup. Stir to combine, and pour over beef roast. Toss in some cranberries.

Cook on low for 8 to 10 hours. Remove roast from slow cooker and place on a platter. Top roast and sauce with a handful of dried cranberries. Serve with mashed potatoes.

  • We have a large crockpot (6.5 quarts, I believe), and there wasn't a lot of liquid to this dish. I topped my roast with a piece of tin foil to trap in the moisture and fake out the roast. If I hadn't, all the liquid would have disappeared and we'd have eaten dry and crispy beef roast for dinner. Decidedly unappetizing.
  • Adding some "fresh" dried cranberries at the end helps them soak up some of the juices. It's delish!
  • It's entirely possible that I added a full cup of red wine....I started with 1/2, I know that much. I made this on our first day back at work after moving and the holidays, so there's a 99% chance I figured I needed the extra wine.
  • If you're not serving this on your first day back, hopefully your good intentions win out and you create a gravy with the pan juices. I had the best of intentions, but my stomach made me put away my gravy mixins' and just sit down n' EAT.

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