Monday, March 22, 2010

Menu for the Week: March 21st--27th, 2010

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This thing on?

It's been a great while since I've posted anything new, and I'm hoping to change that soon--this week, if at all possible. I've just been so distracted by work drama ( and outside issues that I haven't had the time or drive to really blog the new recipes I've tried out. I've taken a number of photos, but I'm starting to forget recipes and where I've stashed them in my kitchen, so I need to get on it.

I guess the only other thing left is the menu, huh?

Menu for the Week

Sunday: Leftovers
Monday: Beef & Green Bean stir fry with Jasmine rice
Tuesday: Bruschetta Chicken & Balsamic Veggies
Wednesday: Italian Pot Pies w/crash hot potatoes
Thursday: Chicken with white wine-dijon sauce, vegetables, & roasted red potatoes
Friday: Parmesan Shrimp & Scallops
Saturday: Steak & potatoes?

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  1. I'd love to see your scallops & shrimp recipe if you have one. We love scallops!


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