Monday, April 5, 2010

Why, hello there! Menu for the Week: April 4--10

First, let me say HI! It's been a long week, my friends. After some surprises at work and a whirlwind Easter weekend, my chi has been thrown off a bit, so I'm just posting the menu now.

And, to my new followers, hello! Hope you like what you see here.

I hope all your Easter weekends were perfectly lovely. It was glorious here in Chicago, despite some of the rain that moved in late.

Because I'm on spring break this week (amen!), I'm busting out some cookbooks so I can try out some new recipes and update some old favorites. It's been a long time since I've had the mojo to work on some new stuff, and I'm looking forward to the kitchen this week.

Menu for the Week

Sunday: Easter
Monday: TBA
Tuesday: Pot Roast & mashed potatoes
Wednesday: Steak & potatoes with salad
Thursday: Stir Fry & rice
Friday: Chicken Piccata with roasted red potatoes
Saturday: Leftovers

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