Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hawaiian Crab Rolls

Without question, one place in the world I miss the most is Maui. A large part of that is due to the fact that we traveled in December, and we enjoyed an 85 F., non-humid, balmy, amazing Christmas. We dined on fresh seafood, mai tais, and coconut everything, and I find myself scheming about a way to get back there ASAP at least once a month. Translation: I'm that annoying person who, upon hearing her friends and family will be vacationing/honeymooning in Hawaii, begs desperately playfully, "Take me with you?" (I'm never "just" playing.)

I found these posted on Tasty Kitchen last week. Because I'm a sucker for anything Hawaiian (real or otherwise) I added them to my recipe folder, then turned around and added them to my weekly menu. Normally I suck at making food I've put in my mental "Make This Now!" folder, but I really couldn't wait to make these. And really, I'm so glad I didn't hesitate. These were a great, low-key, no-cook addition to our rotation (and it's hot as hell in the Chi this week). More than that, they were just plain yummy.

Hawaiian Crab Rolls
(Barely, almost not-at-all adapted from Domestic Fits)

3 oz. room-temperature cream cheese
1/4 c. room-temperature sour cream
1 mango, diced
1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
2 tsp. lemon juice
Pinch cayenne pepper
8 oz. lump crab meat
4 Hawaiian hot dog bugs (I used King's brand, cuz they're yummy)
2 T. margarine
1/2 c. arugula

In a medium bowl, combine the cream cheese, sour cream, mango, salt, pepper, lemon juice, and cayenne. Mix well. Add the crab meat, and mix together until combined. Set aside. (You could make this early in the day and put the mixture in the fridge at this point. Pull it out when you're hungry.)

Melt margarine in a small pan. Add buns to the pan, one at a time, cooking each side. (You aren't really "cooking" them, just getting the bread nice and crispy.) Toast the buns for just a few minutes, approx. 3 mins. per side.

Lay a few pieces of arugula in the buns, and top with the crab mixture. Nomnomnom away. Serves 4 (or serves 2 very greedy diners.)


  • You will see it in the post if you follow the link back to the source, but mayo would be a nice addition to the crab mix, in place of the cream cheese and/or sour cream. 
  • In my haste to take the picture, I neglected to line the bun with arugula. It's worth it to add the arugula.
  • DF suggests the addition of a diced, seeded jalapeno in the crab mixture. I wanted to keep this a little milder since neither Graham nor Hannah appreciates too much heat. But really? That addition would probably be awesome.
  • I served these with a Hawaiian brown rice, and they paired really well. Because these are no-cook, it gives you plenty of time to dress up a side dish.


  1. *Sniff, sniff* I miss Maui too. Let's go back ASAP.


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