Thursday, July 26, 2012

Introducing....Graham's Gluten Free Fridays

Father's Day 2012
 Meet Graham. He's a husband, father, friend, son, teacher, scientist, cyclist, gardener, reluctant dancer, humorist, burgeoning songwriter, Chicagoan, and goofball. He's damn good at all of it. I haven't blogged about him too much here since the primary focus of this blog is food. But really, Graham is a driving force behind the food. He shares his culinary likes, dislikes, requests, and jokes with me, and indulges my crazy food fantasies. "I'm gonna bake ALL the things!" "Okay Ange. You do that. While you're baking "all the things", would you mind throwing in some apple muffins?"

Before we got married, he made it quite clear that he needed baked goods as a means of survival. He was raised on tasty, homemade, baked treats. I promised him I'd learn to bake, and I did my very best. I still can't bake blindly, throwing together a cup of this and a pinch of that. (Unless I want it to suck, that is.) But I can follow a recipe and tweak is slightly and leave everyone happy.

Recently, Graham made the decision to go gluten-free. Since our college days, he's been dealing with some health issues that haven't been resolved. He's tried everything, and eliminating gluten was his last option, for a lot of reasons. Unfortunately, gluten-laden products seemed to be the only common denominator to some of his health issues. He tried it on a trial basis, and slowly but surely it started to work. The good news is that he's feeling better than he has in years. The bad news is that his favorite treats are a no-go, unless he wants to deal with the repercussions. That means I have to re-learn how to bake treats that will both satisfy his palate and leave his body happy and healthy.

Each Most Fridays, starting tomorrow, I'll be sharing a GF treat or meal that I made. They won't all be perfect, and I'm by no means an expert. I'm just a woman working her way through the GF landscape, trying to make sense of it all, and sharing what works for her family (and what doesn't.) It's going to be FABulous. I promise.

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  1. So glad to hear Graham is doing better! I'm also looking forward to getting some gluten-free recipe ideas. My dad's wife has Celiac Disease, and I'd love to have some stuff in mind to make if she comes to visit.


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