Wednesday, June 12, 2013

MistoBox Review* & Giveaway! (Closed)

 Anyone who has spent about more than 5 minutes with me knows that I'm a coffee drinker. Actually, I'd qualify myself not so much as a "coffee drinker", but more of a "coffee-addicted-life-form-who-doesn't-function-without-coffee-each-day" kind of a person. I've been that way for longer than I can remember, but definitely since college, when I found myself needing to brew a pot of coffee at 11:00 p.m. to push myself through essays and finals and projects, etc. (And once the work was completed, why not clean my room?! I mean, I'm awake 4:00 a.m....)

Once I entered the "working world" (which, youngins' of Earth, is not nearly as cool as Friends made it look, btw) I slowly realized that if I didn't start my day with a pot of coffee, I might as well stay home. It was easier on everyone, and I greatly decreased my risk of biting off heads and screaming at all the stupid people of the world. Gee, don't you wish you and I were besties? I sound like a real peach, eh?

Because I'm so addicted to my morning coffee, I'm truly pumped to be able to offer this giveaway from the folks at Misto Box. I generally shy away from things like this, but I really couldn't say no to this one. I mean, I love coffee. I know there are other happy, addicted, unblinking coffee-lovers out there, and what better way to share in our addiction than through a coffee giveaway, no?  If you're not familiar, Misto Box is a coffee subscription service. Subscribers receive a box monthly with four hand-picked coffees from the nation's best established and up-and-coming coffee roasters. For less than what a daily Starbucks habit costs, subscribers receive a box with four selected coffees for the month. Each selected coffee comes with tasting notes, and each selection is varied for subscribers of all different tastes.

 Personally, I like that it comes all wrapped up like a gift. I love presents, and getting this box in the mail (at the end of my birthday month, no less!) made it fun to open. And while my gift-wrapping skills leave a little to be desired, I do love a quality gift presentation.

Included in the box are four bags of roasted coffee beans. I thought this was really special since I so rarely go the route of the bean. I usually select a pre-ground coffee, for no other reason than "it's just easier" so getting to grind my own coffee beans was fun. (Can I call myself a coffee addict if I don't grind my beans?)

Because I'm a geek, I loved this little pamphlet put together about the various coffees included in the May Misto Box. Each one is very different, and because I just generally like to "know things" I appreciated the extra info. It's not information you generally get when you pick up your coffee elsewhere.

 Each package is labeled with this information, too: where it's from, the elevation it's grown at, the variety of coffee....all kinds of details that I never even knew were part of the process. I loved the tasting notes, too. Those extra details really made a difference.

 I love this. "Roasted on: 4/30". Less than a month later, it was in my mailbox. Hello, lover.

 This particular coffee from Case Coffee Roasters was my favorite of the bunch. Hard to tell from the crappy cell phone pics, but the tasting notes include "raspberry". I normally hate flavored coffees because they taste so artificial and the coffee is overpowered by the added "flavor"." This isn't a flavored coffee, but I'll be damned if I didn't smell raspberry when it was brewing. It's a very delicate, smooth coffee. This one was the favorite here in the office. One of my coworkers took a picture of the bag and kept saying, "I would buy this." I agree with her.

I liked the selected coffee from OQ Coffee Co., too. This one was warmer, a little more spicy. It was actually perfect for my afternoon pick-me-up.This is another one I'd buy without hesitation.

 This selected coffee from Water Avenue was my least favorite of the bunch. I couldn't pin-point exactly what I didn't like about it, except that I didn't drink much of the cup that morning. I can handle strong coffee (I only take my coffee black, which may have contributed to my dislike in this case) but I wouldn't pick up this particular blend again. I'd be curious to try out other blends from Water Avenue and find sometime I did like.

This blend from Elemental Coffee was actually my first cup from the box. (I used my caffeine molecule mug since I was drinking Elemental coffee. I mean, why not, right? Let that geek flag fly!)(My husband is a science teacher. I think he's finally getting to me.) This was perfect for the morning drive. Definitely very strong, a kick-you-in-the-face kind of coffee, but that's what I love and NEED to get going each day. I would definitely pick up this blend to have in my home and in the office. Why not spread the love?

Speaking of spreading the love.....are you interested in winning your own Misto Box? You are?!?! Super!

To enter, just leave a comment at the bottom of this post, and tell me what your favorite kind of coffee is. Straight black? Lattes? Cafe Misto with a shot of hazelnut? A mocha-soy-half-caf-no-whip-extra-shot-of-something? Just venturing into the world of coffee drinking? (Welcome! It's wonderful over here. We can see sounds.)

***Make sure you turn off that "" email, because if you win and I can't contact you, I'm picking someone else. 

Other schtuff:

Giveaway will be open until 11:59 p.m., Saturday, June 15th, 2013. One entry per person, U.S. residents only. Winner will be selected via

Good luck! 

*I was given a Misto Box to review for this post and not compensated in any other manner. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I'm a sucker for a good latte. The kind they serve in BOWLS in Italy.

  2. Lovely!

    On a daily basis I usually drink regular coffee with a little sugar and (sometimes) a splash of soy or almond milk. But if I had my preference, I'd have an espresso macchiato every morning. Does so much more for pep, I think.

  3. Pumpkin coffee with extra pumpkin and cream. Only found at DDs in the fall. Weep. Blueberry is a nice substitute.

  4. This is so cool! I'm an iced coffee drinker myself, heavy on the ice, creamer and sweet and low. ;)

  5. I love a good vanilla latte! I'm a no reply blogger and for the life of me can't get it fixed, so here's my email: mandybeth01 at hotmail dot com :)

  6. I love coffee in a way that it is a treat for me... I really should drink a cup in the morning to get going, but being preggers three years in a row makes that a non-option. :( So, I get a Starbucks or McCafe every now and again. Generally I get a caramel mocha iced, but this month at Starbucks they have this awesome double mocha chip, and I've fallen in love! On a side note, Joe thinks I'm a weirdo because I like to walk down the coffee aisle just to smell it. That's not weird, is it??

    1. oh, my email is :-)

  7. Ok, I'll admit..I'm not a coffee drinker at.all. Nothing coffee flavored either, please. But Mark on the other hand is an addict in a bad way. He has all these special coffee making apparatuses and of course grinds his own beans. He drinks it in massive quantities to the point I worry over him. He would LOVE this!

  8. My coffee tastes vary with the seasons. Right now I'm on a kick of regular coffee with a splash of Hershey's chocolate caramel creamer.

  9. I drink iced coffee all year long, with a splash of milk and a pump of syrup, usually caramel.

  10. Oh I love me some good coffee! I usually have bold coffee with coffeemate yum!

  11. Oh I love me some good coffee! I usually have bold coffee with coffeemate yum!

  12. I hate to admit that I'm drinking it a lot more lately. It's so good! My fave is either black or iced with a little caramel.

  13. I don't drink coffee - I know, crazy - but my husband does. He loves it with cream and sugar.

  14. What a great box of coffee! Like you, I need coffee to start my day. My fave is usually a dark roast coffee with cream and sugar. Otherwise, for a cold treat, an iced caramel macchiato!

  15. My favorite coffee drink is a skinny caramel latte...YUM!

  16. what a fun service & what a great box! my favorite: salted caramel latte!!

  17. If I wasn't worried about calories, I'd do a soy mocha every day! But I typically drink just a cup of coffee with sugar.

  18. I love this !

    My favorite is Intelligentsia (spelling?), but my favorite type is definitely regular with caramel creamer, or pumpkin creamer. I also love pumpkin and eggnog coffee (not necessarily together, but I'm open to it !).

  19. Mmmm...I love a good cup of coffee! At home, I just drink it black. Why ruin the flavor of coffee with things like cream and sugar? But once or twice a week, I do treat myself to "coffee shop" coffee, in which case, it's a grande white chocolate mocha. If I'm trying to be "good," I'll order it with nonfat milk and light whip. :)