Monday, June 3, 2013

White Pizza with Roma Tomatoes

Like most families, we have a standing Friday or Saturday pizza night. It's just easy. In the interest of being honest, a decent number of our summer pizza nights involve dialing the pizza place and ordering in, but we do grill pizza on a regular basis. One restaurant on our neighborhood--part of a fairly well-known local chain--started advertising last summer, selling the radical idea that you could buy half-cooked or frozen pizza and grill it. The first time I heard that radio spot, I rolled my eyes. I'm usually never on the trendy side of things, but grilled pizza is definitely not a new concept; regular blog readers have been seeing grilled pizza on blogs for years.

This pizza is one of our favorites. (Despite the awful enlarged ipad photo.) It's really simple, but that's part of the beauty, in my opinion. It doesn't take much to be tasty and wonderful, just a few ingredients, and in a few minutes, you have an easy, homemade pizza for your standing pizza nights.

White Pizza with Roma Tomatoes
(Adapted from KitchenLoveNest)

1 unbaked pizza crust
1/4 c. white sauce
1 1/2 c. shredded mozzarella cheese
2 Roma/plum tomatoes, sliced thin
1/2 c. grated Parmesan cheese
Sprinkle of fresh rosemary or basil, minced (optional)

Ready your grill (using your preferred method--chimney, charcoals, propane) and get it nice and hot. You want a high heat. Roll out (or unwrap if using packaged--no judgement here!) your crust and move to the grill. Grill on high heat for approximately 5 minutes, then remove to a platter. At this point, only half your pizza crust is cooked--this is important.

Top the grilled side with your white sauce, cheese, and tomatoes. Finish with the Parmesan cheese. Move back to grill and grill over medium-high until the remainder of the crust is done and the cheese is melted, approximately 4 more minutes. Top with fresh herbs if using.

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