About Frazzoo

Hi! I'm Angie.

I live in Chicago on the southwest side with my husband Graham, daughter Hannah, son Luke, and cat Jane. I'm a lifelong southsider, smartass, smart mouth, and hopeless klutz.

"Wait....Angie? I thought you were Frazzoo?"

Yes. Angie and Frazzoo are one in the same. Frazzoo came about in college after what I wish I could say was a night involving some beer and debauchery. It really came about because my PG-13 crowd and I were goofing off and I made a random and unfortunate typo. "Frazzoo" stuck, and in 2008 when I needed a blog name, it was the only thing I could think of and now I'm stuck with it. Oh well.

I started this recipe blog in 2008 thinking it would never be anything fancy, nor would it grow beyond 3 readers. I was a relative novice to the culinary arts, and my entire goal was to teach myself some new skills, make some delicious meals for our new family, and not rely so much on ready-made meals and processed junk. We're by no means perfect, but I think we've made some good progress. Sometimes my kids will eat quinoa and spinach without complaining, and sometimes we eat blue box mac n' cheese (because that shiz is delicious.)

I try not to take myself too seriously, because life is short, man. (Or woman, or folx, or whatever you go by. It's cool with me.) Sometimes (most of the time,) I fall short, but I'm doing my best to live a life that's as stress-free as possible. (Laugh with me now...)

Graham and I were married in December 2007. In December 2009 we bought our first home, and in December 2010, we welcomed our first child, Hannah. (We really like December.) In July 2016, we welcomed our son, Lucas. (Clearly, he's the black sheep.)

Graham is the gardener, Angie is the cook. The kids are the eaters and grazers. We grow plenty of herbs and vegetables in the summer months and those land directly on our table. We try to model healthy eating for our kids though most of the time we fail miserably. (See: blue box.)

As far as "skill" goes, I'm mostly self-taught. I read a lot of blogs and cookbooks and watch a lot of cooking shows. I try to challenge myself with new techniques, and admittedly there's a lot of failure before there's success.  I have a number of recipe blogs I read and admire, and those talented authors are who I turn to before I try anything. I also ask friends and relatives for recommendations, and we swap tips where we can.

Now, since all recipe blogs seem to have notes about photography these days, here's mine:

I don't know anything about food photography. I don't know anything about photography. Sometimes I use a Nikon point and shoot, set to either the Macro or Food settings. (Both open up the F-stop a little more and let in more light.) Sometimes (most of the time,) I use my phone camera.

Our kitchen has two windows and not a ton of light. The west-facing window is great for photos during the spring and summer, but during the winter I have to rely on a ton of artificial lighting. I don't have a light box, nor do I have a ton of photo props. I've developed an aversion to "junk" and don't want to keep anything around I can't use on a fairly regular basis, with the exception of various types of serve ware and cloth napkins. As a result, my pics aren't "pretty". I'm okay with it. When I get a great shot, awesome! When I don't (too dark, too hungry, too lazy), I just try for my best.

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